Humans Need Not Apply

I would like to share with you this awesomely conciseĀ  video created by CGP Grey on the subject of automatisation, and on some aspects of fourth industrial revolution driven by AI:

World is constantly changing and evolving, one of the transformational changes heralded for society is AI (Artificial Intelligence).

In many areas where automatisation brings highest returns,computers and machines are already considerably outperforming people. This tendency of incremental substitution of human labor was most evident in industry and manufacturing, but besides this incremental advancement of machines in industry, a new wave of transformational changes can be expected from AI.

A new generation of systems, capable to learn and adapt, based on experimentation and accumulated experience are becoming more productive in activities which were generally reserved for people. Build of mathematical models, these “synthetic intellects” are capable to defy many limitations of individual or a group human intellect. Using extreme amounts of data, these algorithms identify patterns, make prognoses and act.


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